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According to Microsoft the new Windows operating system will be available next year. I have been using Windows 8 for quite a while now. Apart from the certainly not very easy balancing act between using the desktop and the Start screen I get along with Windows 8 very well. However, what I do not like in any Windows version is the poor File Explorer (formerly called Windows Explorer). The File Explorer should quickly provide an overview of all my drives, files and folders. Unfortunately, I think this was only partly possible in the Windows versions so far. Maybe the successor of Windows 8 will be more successful. As I refuse to wait till next year, I installed and tried System Navigator 2014 on my computer. You can read my review on System Navigator 2014 here now.

Essentially the System Navigator is a file manager. This is also confirmed when the program is being launched for the first time. In addition to the English translation there is also a German version which is currently being reviewed and will also be available for free in a couple of days. The System Navigator allows you to run the tool either as a one or a dual panel interface. I went for the dual panel interface that allows me to copy or move files more easily. I instantly discovered the center panel between the two panels. The center panel provides a preview of images and access to the basic file management functions such as copying, renaming or moving folders. If you need more space for different activities, you can close the panel using an arrow at the bottom. Additionally, the user interface can be customized in the settings menu according to personal preferences. I liked that a lot.